Golden Road Festival 2024 FAQs
  • When is Golden Road Festival 2024?

Doors open at 10a on November 8, lunch will be served at 12p and programming will begin after lunch. Room check in will begin at 3p, and the festival will last throughout the weekend until check out at 11a on November 11th!


  • Where is the Golden Road Festival?

This year, the Golden Road will take us to the beautiful Wonder Valley Ranch Resort in Sanger, CA 


  • When do packages go on sale?

6/4/24! There are only 200 spots available, so be ready! (link to packages page)


  • Why can’t I buy my ticket??!!

If you got to the purchase page on or after 6/4/24 and are unable to buy your package, it is because of one of the reasons below:

  1. We are already sold out of that option – please select a different package!
  2. There was an unforeseen glitch! Sorry! Please contact us immediately at


  • Is there a waitlist?

There is not currently a waitlist, so please select a different package if your preferred package is not available. Once we sell out all packages, a waitlist will be made available to help assist any guest that needs to transfer their non-refundable package – and to help anyone who was shut out! Stay tuned for more on this.


  • What is included in my package price?

Your package price includes your lodging at Wonder Valley from 11/08-11/11, 3 days and nights of music, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, daytime snacks, late night munchies, all beverages (alcoholic and non), and all activities on Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:30a and ending at 11:30a when our programming begins. Spa treatments are not included…stay tuned for how to schedule those as we get closer to the festival. Your package price also includes all taxes and gratuities for Wonder Valley’s incredible staff.

Most importantly, your package price includes an intimate and immersive experience that will bring you closer to your friends and introduce you to new ones! 


  • Is there a VIP ticket option?

There is only 1 ticket tier available since there are only 200 of us and everyone is treated like a Super VIP on The Golden Road!


  • I see that all food is included, but I have dietary restrictions. Will there be food for me?

Of course! We’ll be sending all guests a questionnaire to gather details on dietary needs. 


  • Can I stay at Wonder Valley if I come in before 11/08 or want to leave after 11/11?

Unfortunately, we will not have rooms available before or after GRF at Wonder Valley. There are hotels nearby that we will list here shortly, so please do come a day early if you never fly on a show day! If you need to fly in on Friday 11/8, please do your best to arrive by noon.


  • Where do I fly into?

You’ll be flying into Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT). Wonder Valley is about 30 min away. Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield (BFL) is another option if needed. Please note that BFL is around 2 hours away so you’ll need to rent a car.  


  • I want to drive to Wonder Valley – Is there parking there?

Yup! There is free guest parking. 


  • Is the lodging included in my package?

It sure is! Your package includes lodging from 3p on 11/08 until check out at 11a on 11/11.


  • Is there on-site camping or a place for an RV?

There will be no camping permitted. We’re working with the venue to allow some RVs on site but we have not been given permission yet. Once we know if we have permission, we’ll share pricing and availability by posting on our website, emailing everyone on our mailing list and sharing in our Golden Road Festival 2024 Facebook Group. (join our mailing list and our FB group if you have not yet so you can stay in the know!)


  • Can I buy a 1 day pass?

No single day tickets will be available.


  • Can my friend come hang out and crash with me if my room has extra beds?

Only package purchasers will be permitted to be at Wonder Valley during this special weekend. If any package purchaser sneaks a friend in, the purchaser will forfeit their package and they and their friend will both be expelled from the grounds. No refund for the purchaser’s package will be given. 


  • Are there any restrictions on what I can bring to Wonder Valley?

Guns, laser pointers, knives, weapons, chains, illegal substances, NO2, haters, bad vibes, and bullies will not be permitted at the venue. 


  • Can I smoke at Wonder Valley?

Look for the designated smoking areas. There is no smoking permitted in any indoor space, and you will be fined by Wonder Valley if you break this rule. GRF is not responsible for any fines incurred. Though we will be in a state where Marijuana is legal, Wonder Valley is privately owned and they will not take kindly to guests openly puffing throughout the venue.


  • Can I bring my kids? 

Sorry, but not this year. Golden Road Festival 2024 is a 21 and over only event. 


  • Is there re-entry?



  • Will merch be available?

Yup! There will be a bunch of merch available on site.


  • Will there be medics on site?

Yes, we will have trained medic on site throughout the weekend.


  • Will there be security on site?

Yes, we will have security to ensure that we all have a safe experience and to make sure that only guests with packages can join in on the fun! 

GRF will not tolerate any behavior that creates an uncomfortable space and experience for others. GRF reserves the right to expel any guest that doesn’t comply with our basic rules – be kind and respect your fellow guests. If there is an incident, the responsible party will be expelled and their package will not be refunded.

  • I purchased a spot in the Cedar Bunk 6 or 10 Person Single Share. Can I pick my roommates?

Guests in these gender-specific and co-ed rooms will be assigned by GRF staff. If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


  • Are ADA Accommodations in place?

Yes, Wonder Valley is an ADA accessible location, but there are limited ADA compliant rooms available. Please contact us directly at as soon as possible with any questions or concerns in regard to ADA accessibility, and we’ll work with you to make sure you have a great and safe experience. If you have mobility issues, please reach out to us as we have access to golf carts as needed.


  • Are these tickets refundable?

No, these tickets are final sale. Please see our T&Cs for more details.


  • So I can’t get a refund if an artist cancels?

All sales are final, and the current lineup is subject to change without notice.


  • Can I transfer my package to someone else if I can’t attend?

Full Room package transfers will be approved on a case-by-case basis. If individual guests in your multi-person room cannot attend, you will be responsible to fill those spots. Please contact us at if your full room can no longer attend or if you have more questions on this.


  • What are the Terms & Conditions?

Terms & Conditions